Megan Lavender

Health Care Professional.  Retired Hockey Player

My Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care


The Best Care

When you’re my patient, you get the best care. And that is my guarantee.


Im Everywhere!

St Pauls Hospital, City Hospital. Wherever you are, I will help you out!


No Extra Fees

Health care is free stupid – no fees are happenin here!

YOU want ME to be your nurse

Here is what I can do

Primary Care

Old or Young – I am going to give you the best care!


Can’t piss? I’ve got you covered with a catheter installation!

Wound Care

Let me fix it up all of your gaping wounds – it is my specialty.

“Megan is the best nurse ever!! I was so sick when I arrived at St. Pauls Hospital, and by the time I left I felt so healthy. What a good nurse, would recommend to all my sick friends!”

Darryl Baskin


Ending Sickness is My Mission

24/7 service (However, Not a nurse after 3 Drinks)

(306) 532-2352

Saskatoon, SK, Canada