About Us

The Solution to Virtual Receipt Tracking


PayTrail Team

The PayTrail team is small but mighty; we believe that a little change does a lot!

Kimberley Baldwin


Kimberley Baldwin is an environmental engineer who loves solving problems, telling stories and being with people. Kim uses her love of visiting to cover up her true computer nerd nature; she can often be found enjoying the outdoors or going on adventures. Want to talk to Kim about PayTrail’s values? Reach out at [email protected]!

Carmen Johanson


Carmen Johanson is an environmental engineer (notice a pattern here?) with an entrepreneurial mind and an eclectic spirit. Carm loves trnew things and spends her spare time volunteering, playing sports, and biking the streets of Saskatoon. Want to talk to Carm about PayTrail’s values? Reach out at [email protected]!


The Future of Purchasing

How We Got Started

PayTrail was founded by Carm and Kim, two environmental engineers who were connected by their interests in sustainability, technology and shopping.

“We were tired of seeing receipt paper go to waste, losing track of purchases and inaccurate budget tracking, so in 2020 we decided to do something about it.”; PayTrail is the result of that decision!

Going Forward

At PayTrail, we want to sustainability to be easy for everyone! With PayTrail as an option at all stores, a little change can make a difference

Our Founders

Carm and Kim are making a difference in the world;

“We know that small changes by many people can bring about meaningful change on a global level. We are more than founders at PayTrail – we are teammates, classmates, co-workers and friends.“

Seeking Investment

Are you interested in sustainability? In working toward a better world? We want to grow the PayTrail family and we’d love to talk to you!