Some of these are tasty. Some of these are weird.

Beer and Clam Chili

Beer & Clam ChiliHands down best chili you will ever eat. After years of perfecting the recipe, here is the final product.Servings 10Ready In: 4 HoursCalories: 300 Per ServingGood For: Lunch or SupperInroduction About Beer & Clam ChiliBy: Spencer Bomboir After...

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Gary’s Fried Bologna Dish

Gary's Fried Bologna DishA gourmet sandwich good for any time of the day. Savoury, sweet, salty, and just the right amount of spice.Servings 4Ready In: 15minCalories: 900Good For: Any TimeInroduction About Gary's Fried BolognaBy: Spencer Bomboir Whether you're looking...

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Slip’s Hot Dogs

Slip's Hot DogsWho doesn't love a good hot dog? Take a read below to see slip's secret twist on the classic hot dog.Servings 1Ready In: 15minCalories: 300Good For: Any TimeInroduction About Slip's Hot DogsBy: Spencer Bomboir Never met a guy that liked hot dogs more...

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Levi’s Sink Helper

Levi's Sink HelperAn all-time family favourite! The same hamburger helper recipe you love, but with a twist.Servings 4 Ready In: 25minCalories: 600Good For: Any TimeInroduction About Levi's Sink Helper RecipeBy: Spencer Bomboir During my university years, a friend of...

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Who makes the best Caesar in Saskatoon?

Who makes the best Caesar in Saskatoon? I’m a Caesar guy, its no secret. Its Canada’s drink. Each restaurant and lounge has their own take on what should go in it, and bartenders are given a lot of freedom with adding their own ingredients. However, a Caesar needs to...

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