Who makes the best Caesar in Saskatoon?

I’m a Caesar guy, its no secret. Its Canada’s drink. Each restaurant and lounge has their own take on what should go in it, and bartenders are given a lot of freedom with adding their own ingredients. However, a Caesar needs to have booze (vodka), clamato juice, hot sauce (usually Tobasco), Worcestershire sauce, some type of salted rim, and a garnish. So, who makes the best Caesar in Saskatoon? Here are the 9 best caesars in Saskatoon: 

9. Louis

Located on the U of S campus, Louis has been helping students catch a buzz between classes. This place is sometimes hit-or-miss depending on who’s working, but I’ve had some great caesars come out of this place. Great rimmer on it!

 8. Cactus Club Café

Cactus club cranks out a good Caesar. Nothing too crazy, but they are always good. They also have a good garnish with a bocconcini cheese ball and pickled pepper. You can’t argue with cheese…

 7. Earls

This may be a chain restaurant, but they make a damn good Caesar consistently. They also throw a stick of beef jerky in which makes any Caesar that much better. And only 5 bucks to share on a Sunday, which shows they are willing to nurse you back to health after a rough Saturday night at the Crazy Cactus.

 6. Birmingham’s Vodka & Ale House

I had higher hopes for this Caesar, with the local roots of the Lucky Bastard Dill Pickle Vodka that was in my Caesar. Maybe I had a subpar bartender or I had a weird taste in my mouth, but I thought this Caesar was going to be #1 on this list. Still a great drink, but I couldn’t slot it any higher than 6th.

 5. Leopold’s Tavern

If you can somehow manage to get a table at this place, you need to order a Caesar. Good rim, good drink, good garnish. I thought they were awesome, and went well with my cauliflower buffalo wings, which were also crazy good.

 4. The Burning Beard (RIP)

One of the cool places to go on Broadway, and the Caesar does NOT disappoint. Love the atmosphere, love the drink. My Caesar was pretty spicy which I like, and I would have been surprised if it wasn’t a little extra spicy with a name like that. You can also get crazy there and order like a whole-meal Caesar with a burger and who knows what else on top of it, but I chickened out so I can’t comment on that.

NOTE: The Burning Beard is now out of business. RIP to the beard, you will be missed.

 3. Original Joe’s

This is my go-to Caesar stop around Saskatoon (or any city I’m in). I love the steak-spice rim and they leave you craving another one. They don’t try and throw you off with theatrics or big garnish tricks, but they do serve you a great Caesar 7 days a week. If you’re into beer & clam I’d also recommend the Joe’lius Caesar, which is the perfect mix between a beer & clam and a Caesar.

 2. Hudsons Canada’s Pub

Hudsons is #2 on this list strictly for the muddy Caesar. This thing is so good and I’ve ruined probably 2 litres of clamato trying to recreate it at home, and I am yet to do so. They also give you a pickle in it which I appreciate, and they give you an awesome Caesar every time.

 1. Congress Beer House

The Caesar at Congress is expensive, but you can charge whatever you want when you’re the best Caesar in the city. The drink is perfectly spicy and sweet and pickled, the rim is tasty, and they give you a piece of beef jerky on top of it. Maybe I’m a sucker for jerky, or maybe I just like how this place evolves from a restaurant into a night-club by 11pm, but this is a must-have Caesar if you’re in Saskatoon.

Don’t Order a Caesar from:

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

Expensive, Boring, Bland.

The Yard & Flagon

Small cup, basic rim, not worth the time or money.


This may have changed now, but when I made the mistake of ordering a Caesar from here a few years ago, they weren’t using clamato juice, but rathe opted for their own tomato-style juice. And lets just say it was horrible and that was the end of that.

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